Appointment of cinema consultant and lead architect

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Bildiamo Limited has announced the appointment of Layout Management Services LLC, Dubai, UAE, as the main consultant for its first multiplex cinema. The four-screen multiplex will be an anchor on the entertainment floor of the company's first shopping mall which is currently under construction in Lagos, Nigeria.

Speaking during the signing of the Cinema Consultancy Agreement, Ayodele Sasa, General Manager of Bildiamo Limited stated "In making a decision on the choice of a main consultant for the design and setup of our first cinema multiplex in Nigeria, we were on the look-out for a talented team with a proven passion to deliver a world-class cinema experience. Considering the high recommendation received about Layout Management Services (LMS), and having visited their recently commissioned cinema at Fujairah to have a first-hand experience, we are very confident and have no doubt that we have made the right choice."

In his response, Fadi Riachi, Director of Layout Management Services LLC promised to bring on board the project his best expertise, to deliver a unique cinema experience in Lagos, with the aim to be top of the list for movie enthusiasts in Lagos.

At the same time, Era Architects LLC, Mumbai, India, has been appointed as the Lead Architect for the cinema multiplex. Era Architects, led by Eranna Yekbote, is an award-winning design outfit that has designed many cinema projects in several countries.

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